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Learning Resources


We are in a world of work where the pace and relentlessness of change demands continuous personal and professional development (CPD) for individuals to keep themselves 'marketable' and ahead or, at minimum, up-to-date with workplace demands. In this environment, self-assessment tools and learning resources for CPD are critical to success. Ultimately, individuals are responsible for their own learning; each one of us starts from a difference space with a very personal destination in view. Equilearn can add value to individual and collaborative learning in offering a range of assessment tools and inventories, a portfolio of learning resources that together inform personal and collective learning journeys. These tools and resources offer tangible evidence that assists both learners and facilitators in planning learning and development and in measuring progress and performance.

Online resources:

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  1. Self-Assessments
  2. Organisational Assessments
  3. Coaching Resources
  4. Leadership Resources