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Leadership Development


Life in the 21st century is increasingly defined by rapid, pervasive change, paralleled by increasing interconnectedness. New worlds are being created while old worlds are being left behind. In this environment, the traditional leadership model and its associated myths has come increasingly under challenge. For example:

  1. Leaders are born, not made. No. Leadership skills like any other skills, can be developed with knowledge, practice, reflection, coaching and mentoring. Equilearn can assist you and your organisation in the 'growing' of your leaders
  2. A leader must have certain defined qualities. No. There has never been a list of qualities that can be applied to great leaders. The critical factor is 'presence,' the attitudes and behaviours that lead to actions. This capacity can be developed.
  3. Leaders in one situation must be leaders in another. No, a person may be the best choice and demonstrate effective leadership in one situation, but may not necessarily be the best leader for a different set of circumstances. Context counts.
  4. Leadership can only be developed by experience. No. Skill development is a combination of passed-on knowledge combined with practice, experience, reflection and instinct to action. This is why Equilearn recommends a personal profiling approach to leadership development.
  5. Leadership is a not popularity contest. It is critical for leaders to develop clarity around things like trust, authenticity, integrity, resilience, respect, credibility, consistency, flexibility….situational effectiveness. EquilLearn offers a variety of services in this regard.

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