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Managing Change

A 2 Day Workshop on the Key Issues in Change Initiatives

Key Programme Objectives
  • Define what change means in a work environment & examine its impact on individuals, teams, plus the organisation as a whole
  • Understand the impact of change on individual & team productivity, including an overview of the learning cycle, learning styles and personality types
  • Explore team dynamics, the criteria for effective teams & the effect change initiatives can have on team productivity
  • Analyse how different organisation types are affected by change
  • Consider various models of organisational change and how best to apply them to your situation
  • Investigate the role of the leader, how to manage resistance to change
Programme Content

One: Individual Change

  • Learning what happens when people experience change
  • Identifying what factors affect people's response to change
  • Being aware of how personality affects a person's relationship with change
  • Recognising how & why people resist change
Two: Team Change
  • Focusing on improving team effectiveness
  • Understanding how teams change and develop
  • Learning about leadership issues in team change
  • How team change impacts organisational change

Three: Organisational Change

  • Identifying key metaphors of organisational change, and how they link to change management
  • Recognising individual assumptions about how organisational change works
  • Learning and critically evaluate different models of organisational change
  • Begin to build an integrated model of the organisational change process

Four: Leadership and Change

  • Understanding the relationship between leadership style and change
  • Understand the effects of different leadership styles on the change process
  • Learning about the different leadership roles in the change process
  • Develop a personal action plan to respond to the demands of leading change

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