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Talent Management & Skills Development

Introductory Paragraph

Talent management, encompassing the effective and efficient acquisition, assessment, development and retention of a top class workforce, is cited by over 60 percent of the CEOs and HR Directors as what they expect to consume the majority of their time in 2007. Research shows that HR professionals are also focused on activities related to "cultural transformation" as organizations struggle to keep pace with the fast changing demands of the 21st century work culture. Shifting the culture of the workplace has become an increasingly popular topic - indeed imperative - in recent years, encompassing the implementation of tools and processes from performance management, strategies for creating the appropriate workplace ethos and recognition and reward systems.

Equilearn brings extensive experience in these areas and can assist your organization in anticipating talent needs, in supporting strategic talent acquisition, and in building and developing a talent pool. We have a proven approach to star performer analysis and a leading innovative approach to performance management arrangements. Working with various tools, we can design and customise development centres in the recruitment process, identify critical attributes and competencies your people will need and build a holistic profile, develop success predictors and consult with you on your overall recruiting strategies. To support your talent acquisition, your managers may need training to implement the acquisition process. And this is just the beginning.with performance management, overall learning and development schemes, succession planning, exit strategies, leadership provision, career development, and more, all an integral part of the process towards excellence.

Below you will find a small selection of what Equilearn can offer in this critical context of talent management.