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Structural Capital

A Leadership Conversation

A 4 Hour Faciliated Programme

Research shows that how work is organised in organisations has critcal impact on whether knowledge and 'intellectual property' are shared effectively so that value is created for the benefit of overall organisational performance. In order to achieve sustained success, organisations need to translate human capital into organisational value. This leadership conversation is designed to raise the awareness of business leaders of the importance of structural capital and to facilitate conversation around how to relate the concept to the specific organisational context of participants.

This area of structural and overall organisational capital in recent years has often been given less attention than human capital and targeted people development. Equilearn's 'On Structural Capital' conversation aims to highlight the need for much greater leadership understanding of the different forms of capital operating within an organisation and the relationships between them.

Suggested Programme Format

9.00am Opening Welcome, expectations, objectives, principles of working

Introduction to the concept, exploration, definitions

10.00am Conversation Review of key themes

11.00am Refreshment Break

11.15am What these themes mean to you in your business context

Small group discussion and plenary review

12.15am Group findings, group discusion and conclusions

What next? Action steps to take things forward

13.00pm Lunch and continuing conversation and consolidation

Some Key Areas of Focus in the Conversation
  • The dangers of focusing human capital - the knowledge, skills and experience of people - to the exclusion of structural capital - the ways that work is organised, eg: the use of project teams; the physical environment, the interreltionships between individuals, between teams and business/work units; work processes
  • Boundaries - internal and external - and the degrees of permeability facilitating 'flow'
  • The 'mechanics' of flow and the implications; this looks at office layout on a formal to informal scale, allocated desk space, cubicles, 'owned spaces' to 'hot-desking' and open spaces; from formal agenda-led meetings to informal, incidental conversations and knowledge exchanges
  • Organisational capital in the form of 'owned' copyrights, patents, business and HR processes, IT systems
  • How organisational boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred and the implications for your business or organisation
  • The challenge of retaining a 'unique offering' in an environment where knowedge is a key differentiator but tough to 'contain'
Who should attend?
  • All senior leaders and senior leadership team members
  • Business unit and team leaders
  • Strategic HR professionals
  • Strategic business partners
  • Business strategists

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