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About Equilearn's Portfolio of Services

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Core Practices

Our Consulting Practice offers a range of services around organisational development and managing change. Interventions of this kind often lead to people development and associated initiatives as businesses adjust to changing environments and take stock of what it will take to remain competitive or fit for purpose. Business transformation in the broadest context might well come into full focus as organisational models shift to 21st century realities.

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As successful organisations take stock within today's knowledge economy and recognise the strategic criticality of their 'human resource', talent issues and people development come into full focus. Equilearn can assist organisations, business units or individual senior leaders in the design and implementation of a talent management strategy that ensures that the organisation - regardless of sector - both attracts and retains the appropriate talent.

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Retention is often about how organisations treat their people. It is about organisational climate and culture; about opportunities to keep on the cutting edge through challenging, rewarding, developmental work assignments and the provision of CPD, continuous personal development. Equilearn partners organisations, business units and workplace teams in skills and general capability development. We offer both a portfolio of generic skills programmes and workshops, and skills development initiatives specifically designed to client needs.

As people - their knowledge, skills, motivation and innovative capacity - are acknowledged as the basis of all successful organisations, leadership and the development of leaders has become mission critical. The ever increasing complexity of a 'connected' world of interdependencies, multiple stakeholders, and networked teams in a cross-cutting project and programme environment, demands effective leadership to succeed. Organisations need to grow their own leaders, not just at the top, but at all levels. Equilearn offers a range of solutions to the leadership challenge that all organisations face - private, public, or charitable.

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The industrial economy 'one best way sheep dip' thinking has fast given way to a coaching and mentoring approach to training and development offering personalised, fit-for-purpose learning while at the same time placing responsibility for effective learning firmly with the individual. Equilearn has a well-established standard coaching package plus a variety of bespoke options.

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