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Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture and Character Auditing

Data gathering plus follow-up workshop

As organisations seek to 're-invent' themselves and ensure they are fit for purpose within an ever-changing business and 'community' environment, a structured look at the resident culture and character, can offer huge value. Clarity around culture and character provides an evidenced baseline for change initiatives allowing both corrective and development initiatives a sharpness of focus that will ensure optimum effectiveness.

This type of organisational audit offers further value in strategy development. Decisions around business partner selection, outsourcing and supplier decisions will benefit from this type of auditing. Decisions around fit and risk analysis are enhanced.

Equilearn uses questionnaires for this process. The result is a composite culture and character profile. This forms the basis of a One Day Workshop that reviews the results of the audit and the business effectiveness implications.

At the same time, organisations may decide to offer individual leaders the opportunity of completing a character (sometimes called temperament) audit. The results can be very productive when reviewed alongside an organisational profile and can be used as part of a development initiative at both individual contributor and team levels.

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