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Intensive English Language Coaching Offer

Equilearn offers a unique series of 1 to 1 English Language Learning Packages to meet a variety of individual learning needs.

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Intensive English Language Coaching Offer (pdf)

Equilearn offers a 2 year Masters Programme in Leadership in association with DCA. This innovative programme allows participants to take their workplace challenges as the basis of a Masters Qualification. Participants are supported by a personal coach and learning set of up to 5 other professionals and complete a Leadership Question specific to their workplace role and responsibilities every 3 months over a 2 year period. No lectures or 'school' to attend. Learn more:

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  MA Professional Practice Flyer (pdf)
  Masters Programme in Leadership and CIMA (pdf)


Equilearn's Leadership Practice - Creative Leadership

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  Coaching Circles (pdf)
  Coaching Circles for Schools (pdf)
  Relational Learning (pdf)
  Leadership Masterclass
  Let us design a Masterclass for your organisation's leaders!
  Equilearn's Portfolio of Products and Services around Leadership is anchored in the company's 'Equilearn on Leadership' (pdf)
  Teaching Leadership (pdf)
  A cost-effective, resource-efficient programme for teachers


Equilearn also works in the Education Sector through its Creative Leadership Practice.

A selection of popular innovative development initiatives to include: