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The world has begun to recognize the power of coaching
You want to become a coach..,
Equilearn has the answer.
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Think Piece - On Selecting Senior School Leaders (PDF)

The people paradox: Changing HR perspectives and imperatives (Andrea Charman) (PDF)


New from Equilearn

New Offer for Schools

Coaching to Lead

Develop a cadre of coaches in school to support coaching interventions plus a coaching approach to T&L, Performance Management and Parent Conversations. Equilearn has piloted its 3 part, award-winning  programme in 6 schools with great success. Contact us to learn more or to request a reference from a school that has implemented the programme.

The 3 components are:

  • An intensive one day Core Coaching Skills Workshop
  • A Master Class complete with a portfolio of Coaching Templates and a Programme Administration and Guidance Manual
  • A Coaching Circles 'lean' format for on-going coach support, development and programme sustainability

Leading Coaching in Schools download (pdf download about the programme)

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Meet the Economic Revisioning Head On!

'Managing Your Own Talent.'

A 3 session personal package from Equilearn arranged in 3 x 3 hour steps.

Download Article.. (pdf download about the programme)

The key question is this.

"How do I best manage my career, my workplace progression?"

EquiLearn offers the answer is the company's:

  1. A Personal Assessment using a portfolio of EquiLearn tools
  2. Where I need to go and the steps to get there?
  3. My Personal Plan and its Implementation Strategy



Current 2 Day Workshop Offers from Equilearn:

Building Employee Engagement
Coaching in the Workplace (the programme is tailored to specific client contexts)


Talent Management Strategy Conversation
Next Programme will be in late April in Central London

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Developing a Personal Brand
Executive Package

Download Article.. (pdf document about the programme)


On Becoming a Coach

Coaching is a highly sophisticated 'skill-set'. Equilearn is offering an opportunity to professionals who are interested in developing their coaching skills and capacity to participate is a personalised or small group programme. This is an opportunity not to be missed! The programme takes place either in a confidential setting in Central London or on the client site.

Download Article.. (pdf document about the programme)



- Coaching Conversations by Phone

For existing clients Equilearn offers a Telephone Coaching Package. This provides a resource-economic way for clients to execute Personal & Professional Development Plans (PDPs) and consolidate personal effectiveness and achievement gains.

More.. (pdf download about the programme)


- Why You Need a Coach

Download Article.. (pdf article)

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- Leadership for Performance

It is a succinct intervention - Equilearn's Diagnostic Module - which can form the start of a continuous learning and development initiative or an individual executive coaching or mentoring programme.

More.. (pdf download about the programme)


- Intensive English Language Coaching Offer

Equilearn offers a series of 1 to 1 English Language Learning Packages

  • Intensive 1 to 1 English Language Coaching
  • Residential 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 English programmes in a 'homestay' environment

More.. (pdf download about the programme)