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What Our Clients Say

June 2012 - Conversation on Employee Engagement and its link to Emotional Intelligence.

" What an engaging session! Really motivating "
" Can I please get a copy of the presentation you delivered very successfully last night "
" Thank you for your informative presentation on Emotional Intelligence at CIMA's offices "
" I really learnt so much about EI! Just great! "
" I really want to introduce this into my company - it is clearly critical... how can I start? "
" First of all I would like to thank you for such an enjoyable evening "
" When will you offer a follow up to this! Left leaving motivated to use this in my work practice "
" The best session I have ever attended at CIMA "
" Following on from last night's excellent presentation, please let me know how I can do my own profile "
" I had no idea how important all this is. You made it so fascinating too! "
" Really enjoyed last night... Found it an insightful, invigorating and thought - provoking overview. How can I take this further? "