Realising talent ...
... through individual and collective development

About Equilearn

As the company name illustrates, Equilearn is about learning. It is an organisation dedicated to providing best in class services to assist in the development of talent and potential, and in the facilitation of the optimum achievement of each and every individual, team, group or organisation.

This is half of the story!

We combined 'Learn' with 'Equi' to drive the message of 'appropriacy,' linked to a 'learning' approach, (rather than 'training'), about which we are passionate. We do not want to sound boring and trite but we need to stress that for us it really is about respect for the broad concept of equality of opportunity, respect for the individual, for difference, for uniqueness, unique talent, for choice and personal preference. In our professional practice this translates into our acute awareness and accommodation of such things as:

  • differences in learning styles
  • multiple intelligences
  • a spectrum of cultural preferences
  • responsiveness to varying mental models
  • a range of expectations and aspirations
  • differences in motivation and sources of energy

to name but a few.

This in turn translates into an approach to learning and people development anchored in

  • a client-centred mindset
  • a co-consulting partnership
  • active listening and questioning rather than telling
  • real live issues rather than intellectual concepts
  • action problem-solving
  • discovery rather than prescription
  • influencing not dictating
  • empowering with accountability and ownership
  • a shared responsibility perspective
  • a fit-for-purpose approach
  • choice
  • a passion for evidenced results

Equilearn draws on a portfolio of assessments, proprietary inventories and professionally recognised psychometric tools to support continuous personal and professional development where appropriate.